The Australian Cyclists Party

Preliminary NSW Election Results

~ Balmain 4th position of all parties; 2% of all formal votes
~ Newcastle 5th; 2%
~ Newtown 5th; 2%
~ North Shore 5th; 2%
~ Willoughby 4th; 2%
~ Wollongong 7th; 1%

Upper House counting continues with the ACP attracting over 16,000 votes so far.

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NSW Government Hall of Shame Series click here

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BREAKING NEWS: Australian Cyclists Party Announces NSW Election Plans – 21 Candidates to Contest both Upper an Lower House seats

Our Aim:  A Cycling Friendly Australia

Our Vision:  We believe that cycling can serve to liberate and inspire.  It is a positive and powerful force for improving the health and well-being of individuals, our communities and our nation.

Over 3.6 million people ride a bicycle regularly in Australia today. Despite this, government continues to fail to provide adequate facilities or to look after the safety of those who do ride or would ride a bicycle. The first Cyclists Party in Australia – and indeed the World – was formed to transform government policy towards cycling and all of its derived benefits in community health, education, planning, transport, regional development, economic vitality and environmental sustainability. We have contested in Victoria and soon in NSW and Federally.  We are also preparing to contest in other States and Territories.

How can you help?

Become a member. In each state and at the federal level we must have a certain number of party members in order to register the party for forthcoming elections. For instance we require 500 in Victoria (we are nearly there!).  All members must be on the electoral roll in their state before joining and cannot be a member of more than one party.

Identify your skills and how you can help us! We need help currently to sign up members through word of mouth, online promotion and at events in Victoria and other States and Territories.  We are also recruiting members for future electoral efforts in other states and territories.

Donate to help us keep running.  We are a grass-roots organisation that has been self-funded however we need funds to pay for our efforts and registrations.  Every bit helps, so please donate if you can.  Please note that donations are voluntarily capped by us  at less than $1000 per person per financial year.

Photographs by Red Berry Photography