What problems do cyclists have?

Cycling becomes a more obvious way to pass through a traffic jam, that is why its popularity grows. For example, Boris Johnson, a former mayor of London, decided to beat traffic jams by promoting cycling, organizing bike sharing and bike parking. He regularly rode his bike to work.

  • Cars at the curb. When driving around such cars, you need to take great responsibility and attention to two things:
  1.  It is necessary to find out if there are cars moving behind.
  2.  It is necessary to find out whether a driver is in a parked car. If the driver is present in the car, you need to take into account the fact that at any moment the door can open, creating an obstacle to passage.
  • Pedestrians. The main problem is that many pedestrians do not perceive the bike as a vehicle and do not let it pass.
  • Dogs. If dogs start to throw themselves under the wheels while riding a bicycle, you need to boldly ride on, not paying attention to them. Most likely, they will bounce and not fall under them. In most cases, they simply create psychological discomfort. If you come across a dog that will seriously attack, you should stop and use a gas spray, if available.

What are the main tasks to be solved?

The construction of bike lanes is the only solution to all the problems of Australian cyclists. Until there are enough roads for bicycles in cities, the city will continue to be inconvenient for cyclists, and public roads will remain a conflict zone for Australian cyclists and motorists.
Political parties, such as The Australian Cyclists Party, play an important role in a democratic society and enable voters to vote in general elections, influence and participate in public processes, and take responsibility for what happens in society. Political parties may receive financial assistance for long-term activities so as not to depend on sponsors.
The Australian Cyclists Party is also an important participant of the improvement process. The Australian Cyclists Party has many crucial ideas that are aimed at the solution of the main cycling challenges and to raise awareness about them in Australian society.

What are the other opportunities of cycling?

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