What are the main cyclists’ problems?

We have identified 5 key challenges for cyclists:

  1. Vulnerability due to the road markings
    When the markings on the highways are painted, then there is no problem. But sometimes it is applied in the form of a bulge (especially on minor roads). It can be dangerous, especially when it rains. When crossing it, one must be prepared that the wheel may slip.
  2. Surprise
    Due to the lack of rules and regulations. automobile drivers are not always sure about the further actions from cyclists. Often they violate the rules of the road, and many do not know any laws at all.
  3. Instability
    The bike becomes especially unstable on wet roads. Marking lines, tram and railway tracks are also a problem for two-wheelers.
  4. Wet pavement
    When it rains, the grip on the asphalt is much reduced. The first minutes of driving after the start of rain are especially dangerous. In addition to water that reduces grip, rain dilutes and washes away oil stains on the pavement, as well as from the cars themselves.
  5. Different experience
    There are people with different abilities and backgrounds. Lack of experience in driving in the general traffic flow will necessarily lead to rider error and initiate an accident.

What can the Australian Cyclists Party do?

Different traffic accidents are always a result of a combination of several factors:

  • Risk from moving traffic
  • Fall risk.

Experts note that these types of risks can be managed as follows:
The Australian Cyclists Party needs to initiate the separation of Australian traffic participants to reduce potential conflicts. Safer conditions should be created for the integration of weakly protected road users by sharing shared space. For example, to define special lanes for bicycle owners, the Australian Cyclists Party has to limit them to visible markings, install traffic lights to regulate such sections of highways. In some cases, the best solution may be to equip Australian cycle paths that are not part of the highways, but are separated from it by structural elements, such as a lawn or a fence. In order to minimize the number of Australian accidents associated with falling of bicycle owners, the Australian Cyclists Party has to raise the awareness of manufacturers to the need of ensuring high-quality design and structural reliability of bicycles.

What else do you have to know about cycling?

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