What are the most popular Australian cycling destinations?

Australia is a classic car country and not necessarily the dream country for cycling. Due to the distances, the car (or truck) is the undefeated number 1 means of transport used. Even Australian public transport – especially outside of the large metropolises – is far from reaching the density and frequency of many other industrialized countries. Due to the large cities in terms of area, it is certainly not always worthwhile to provide corresponding network offers.

A healthy and sporty alternative to the car would certainly be the bicycle. Nevertheless, both the state governments and the respective municipalities are trying to promote cycling races. More and more cycle paths are being laid out, lots of markings are being put up on the streets to indicate that cyclists are also using this street (yellow bikes on the street) and the initiatives for races are implemented. Furthermore, there are already quite good offers for Australian races (e.g. Gold Coast). Nevertheless, it is always a little adventure if you want to cycle longer distances.

What is the role of the Australian Cyclist Party in the cycling promotion?

The Australian Cyclist Party is an outstanding political figure in the domestic policy of Australia. It was founded in 2014 for the purpose of supporting the cyclists and promoting their interests.
Such organizations play a vital role in building more sincere relations with the national authority since there is a lack of understanding of the challenges which the cyclists face.
The task of the Australian Cyclist Party is the development of cycling in its everyday meaning: urban cycling, “bicycle culture”, tourism, etc. One of the main goals of the society is the development of a network of convenient bicycle paths and all related infrastructure, making the Australian landscape as convenient as possible for cycling.

What is the future of cycling?

The popularity of cycling races is growing rapidly. Moreover, it is possible to earn money on the races! Betting is a new trend for cycling fans to earn money on their hobby. The ability to make correct predictions and bet successfully comes with experience. You can’t demand from yourself at least 60% pass rates if you’ve been betting for a week. The quality of forecasts is influenced by knowledge of the sport, betting rules, team statistics. At first, you can bet on the advice of privateers, and then move on to an independent analysis of upcoming meetings.
To move from an amateur level in betting to a professional one, you should:

  • adhere to a certain betting strategy;
  • learn to analyze events;
  • be able to control the psycho-emotional state.

Competent analysis and proper bankroll management will help you to bet. And remember: it is not so difficult to make a couple of profitable bets as to achieve a result in the distance.